Venice, lo-fi and fireworks

Last year I was in Venice with a girl I liked for the Fireworks Festival. I’m not the type of person who likes to think about the past but this is one of the few memories I have worth reliving. Especially on nights like this where there isn’t much to do and there are only tea and lo-fi to keep me company. We spent three full days touring the city. It was his first time and I had already been there for the Carnival more than ten years during middle school.

We booked a room near Mestre station and in order to get to the center we had to travel by bus. I forgot how beautiful this city is. Walking through the tunnels and narrow streets that led to dead ends blocked by countless water canals was pure magic.

After carrying out the usual tourist activities, we spent whole hours inside the various stands of the Biennale, where exhibitions aimed at representing every artistic expression were hosted. I’m not exactly a fan of modern art but some of the installations were truly remarkable.

We spent one evening on a beach not far from the city centre. X (first letter of her surname)  was tired of the crowd around Venice and I couldn’t blame her so she dragged me to this small beach she found on Google Maps.

We have crossed a small pier abandoned by all. The sun was about to set. Do you know when the colors of the sky take on a red and purplish colour near the sea and the trails of passing planes draw those almost phosphorescent lines in the sky like highlighters on a blue sheet? It is not uncommon to see such a show in a seaside town.

Although I was born in a small town near the sea, this color has always brought me melancholic feelings. As I said, I don’t like thinking about the past since the vast majority of memories related to my teenage years are far from goof. My life began when I was 18 and, fortunately, since then, I have had more than positive experiences. I am not my past but some experiences must be kept with great care in one’s mind. That’s what I think about while listening to lo-fi. I’m not a person who enjoys pictures either but I really want to share that late stage sunset in Venice.

After an indefinite amount of time we got up and walked along the center to watch the fireworks even though, after that sunset, they faded into the background. Yare yare. Sometimes I think lo-fi is the closest thing to a time machine there is. I still feel the scent of the sea, the soft light of the setting sun on my skin and the touch of X on my arm who was cold despite the heat in July. The more I think about it, the more it looks like a Ghibli movie.

I look away from the computer for a moment and pause the music. I breathe and look at my desk: an empty teacup, a notebook, a pen, a highlighter, a Leone mouthguard and a pair of headphones is all I find. It’s always difficult to return to reality but that is where new memories are formed. It’s 11.10 pm and maybe I still have time to stay in Venice with X for another half hour.